Sunday, 3 April 2011

How to make an awesome (easy) ring display!

As promised - here's my first 'How to' guide. I was stumped about how to display rings on my craft market stand, I needed something that both protected the rings from bumps and scuffs, and also gave them impact and stand out from a distance. I also wanted something pretty anough to use on my dressing table when not in use at craft markets. This is what I came up with:

Finished ring display for craft market

To make it you'll need:

- Upholstery foam, half an inch thick (got mine on ebay - about 1.50 for a metre)
- A box photo frame (this one is a 'Ribba' from Ikea)
- Half a metre of fabric (I used Amy Butler's Fresh Poppies from the Midwest Modern collection)
- Needle and thread, scissors and pen or chalk

Make a Ring Stand 1

1) Measure and cut a long section of foam - the same width as the inside of the box frame (just draw along the inside of the box). Make it quite long, as you're going to fold it up into a concertina shape.

Make a Ring Stand 2

2) Lay the foam onto the back of the fabric and fold up the edges. Tack the fabric in place on the back of the foam - this'll keep it all in place when you fold it up.

Make a Ring Stand 3 and a half

3) You're going to make a concertina shape with the covered foam. The folds need to be the same width as the depth of your box frame so check how deep it is (mine was 2 inches). Stich along the bottom of the folds to keep them in place - it doesn't have to be particularly neat as the stitches won't show on the finished piece.

Make a Ring Stand 4

4) Working along the length of the foam, you'll have something that looks like this:

Make a Ring Stand 5

5) Fit the foam into the box frame - it should fit quite snuggly. I needed to do the foam bit in two sections, which you can see from the back, but not on the front - seamless!

Make a Ring Stand 6

Finished ring holder - ta-daaah!

Make a Ring Stand 7

You can see the ring holder beign put to excellent use at Wonder Hill High Craft Market yesterday over on my Facebook page.