Tuesday, 19 October 2010

“Just say the lines and don't trip over the furniture”

Winter has well and truly arrived early this week, so I needed a pick me up – a jolt of glamour before I dig out the thermals. A trip to the theatre was just the ticket –I grabbed a friend (ill – also in need of pick-me-up) and went to see Design for Living at the Old Vic and it ticked all the boxes: Noel Coward, the 1930’s, New York and Paris... but I think more than anything it’s just comfort theatre. I sat there all cosy for three hours, big glass of wine and ice cream to hand, and I was transported back to being a kid again – watching old black and white films in the morning over at my gran’s house.  Nothing better to cheer the mood.  Why don’t TV channels put old films on during the day anymore in the UK?  Cheap crap home improvement telly... meh.  In homage, I have put together some glam moonstone dangly evening earrings, which will be featured on Etsy soon.  The picture below was taken just after making and doesn’t show them catching the light so I‘ll have to play around with the camera for the Etsy pics.
Moonstone gold dangle earrings

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Something for the weekend

Well, pre-Massive-Plumbing-Problem, it was going to be a weekend of culture as I’d been looking forward to going to the V&A, but yesterday was spent mostly spent peering into drainage pipes.  So my plans have shifted to next week – the V&A usually has a few small free exhibitions on at any one time and they’re all things that Hart and Bloom likes best at the moment... Fashion plates and fashion satire - 1775-1925 (sounds obscure – actually fabulous), London underground architecture (30’s modernist stylings!), Beatrix Potter illustrations, and an exhibit all about the history of chocolate (mmm... chocolate). Honestly, it’s like they’ve let me curate the place for a month as this is EXACTLY what I’d have on show.
During plumbing-nightmare downtime, I have at least had the chance to squeeze in some extra jewellery making – latest efforts are below for your viewing pleasure.
gold swallow necklace with envelope pendant
Antique brass swallows and envelope pendant

Elves at work in the jewellery workshop!
Cream rose ring, with the mad hatters tea party in view!

Moomin coffee break
Coffee break, Moomin style.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Testing, testing, 1,2,3...

OK, bear with me...  (ahem) Welcome to my blog!  This is where I'll be adding lots of updates about lots of interesting crafty finds, general musings and following the upcoming launch of the Hart and Bloom online jewellery shop on Etsy, which I'm very excited about.

There'll be giveaways and special offers for followers of the Hart and Bloom blog soon, but for the moment, the shop is looking more like a jumble sale in a bubble wrap factory. Here's a sneak preview:

Proto-Shop - Hart and Bloom